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Virgil Grant III

The Los Angeles Times called him ”the de facto leader of the cannabis industry.” 

MG Magazine called him “the King of Los Angeles.”  But history will remember him as one of the first, if not the only, African American who spearheaded a sweeping political measure that won by a landslide in a Los Angeles city election.

Virgil Grant, III is the president of the Southern California Coalition (SCC), the largest most inclusive cannabis industry trade organization in Southern California.  He is also the co-founder of the California Minority Alliance (CMA).   On March 7th, 2017, Grant made history when his organizations achieved the passage of Proposition M.

Proposition M sets new precedents in Los Angeles in all aspects dealing with the statewide approval for recreational and medicinal marijuana.  The proposition gives the Los Angeles City Council jurisdiction over licensing, taxing and other safety guidelines and regulations for cannabis.  Proposition M was endorsed by the NAACP, the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson and three other council members.

By bringing the city, community stakeholders and the cannabis industry together to create new comprehensive cannabis regulations, Grant achieved what no one before him could accomplish. 

Grant has over 18 years of leadership experience in the Medical Cannabis Industry.  Grant has achieved amazing work in drafting city ordinance for the city of Los Angeles which allowed the city to control Medical Cannabis operations and cultivation. 

Grant is a steering committee member of the Greater Los Angeles Caregivers Alliance (GLACA), a member of America for Safe Access (ASA), sits on the board of Patient Advocacy Network (PAN)   and a member of the NAACP.  Grant has represented the cannabis industry at Congressional meetings as well as speaking with Senators and City Council members in varies cities.  His involvement with these organizations has allowed him to continually increase awareness and understanding of the benefits of Medical Cannabis use, cultivation and dispensary ownership.

The former owner of six dispensaries, Grant seeks to continue to educate African Americans, Latinos and other minorities about cannabis opportunities and to address social equity issues since people of color are more likely to receive stiffer penalties for marijuana related charges.

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