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The Virgil Grant III Story

On November 8th, 2016, California passed Prop 64. thus legalizing marijuana and authorizing the resentencing and destruction of records for prior marijuana convictions. This effort has created the opportunity for people currently imprisoned for such offenses to be released in California, but not in the rest of the country. (Password to Play Video: virgil)

With Less Than a Week Until Election Day, National Cannabis Business Trade Journal mg Magazine Reveals How the "King of Los Angeles" Virgil Grant Plans to Fix the Industry

mg magazine's November cover story profiles Virgil Grant, a highly-respected industry veteran who opened the first licensed collective in California south of the 10 freeway.

Los Angeles, CA, November 4, 2016 ( - ​mg magazine's ( November cover story profiles Virgil Grant, a highly-respected industry veteran who opened the first licensed collective in California south of the 10 freeway.

In playing a pivotal role in successfully bringing the city and the industry together to finally fix the cannabis industry in Los Angeles, the 49-year-old Compton native has been able to do what no one before him could accomplish. "I didn't ask [the City Council] to do something, I demanded that every one of them get off their butt and do this the right way. We have to make sure the number-one market in the world is fixed, because it's broken and the world is watching," says Grant in the exclusive and timely interview. 

How To Be An Effective Cannabis Activist With Virgil Grant

SOUNDCLOUD Episodes 5-10 of The Weed Show with Charlo Greene

Prop 64 Could Pit Mom-And-Pop Pot Shops
Against Big Business - Virgil Grant III

Not everyone attending the 2016 Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo is stoked about Proposition 64 – the ballot measure to legalize recreational pot. Take Virgil Grant, for instance, who’s already in the cannabis business. Grant has had an up and down experience in the marijuana industry so far. He is one of the original medical marijuana dispensary owners in LA, but that got him into trouble with federal authorities and he ended up spending six years in federal prison. Now he advises caution, and he’s skeptical that legalizing recreational weed now will be a good thing for people like him.

VICELAND: Virgil Grant, Cannabis Entrepreneur

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A figurehead of California cannabis industry, entrepreneur Virgil Grant is working to help promote sensible regulation in the cannabis industry to bring financial opportunity to his hometown of Compton.

Will MMRSA hurt cannabis patients in California?

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MMRSA is California’s new Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act that could double or triple the price of cannabis for consumers. But it's not too late to fix it. Visit this page to see how you can quickly and easily share your voice to prevent this disaster from happening.

The Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force

LACTF Town Hall Series July 29, 2016

The Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force is dedicated to creating a fair and vibrant cannabis industry in the City of Los Angeles by establishing a safe, lawful, and responsible local licensing system that aligns with the business and license categories authorized by California state law.

The Weed Show | How to be an Effective Cannabis Activist with Virgil Grant

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Welcome back to The Weed Show! Today, Virgil Grant is in the studio to talk some serious cannabis. He'll tell us about his involvement with the California Minority Alliance, LA's Measure M -- and of course -- WEED!

California Cannabis Trailer

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MIPR Cannabis Investment Seminar

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MIPR Holdings hosted an informative seminar, directed at educating emerging professionals in the cannabis industry on the plant’s history, the evolution of legal marijuana in the United States, and investment options for legal marijuana businesses and key players. Presented on July 9, 2016 in Culver City, CA, the sold-out event was made successful through a collaborative effort from MIPR’s leadership team.

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